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I imagine everyone is aware of this by now, but just to mention that Michelle has begun the process of making her short stories available as e-books, starting with the West novellas. This post has the cover for "Huntbrother", which will be in wide e-book release shortly. (Apparently there are plans to collect all six West novellas in paper via Lulu eventually.)

If you haven't read "Huntbrother" and are a fan of the West books, I'd encourage you to check out that story out of all of them. It contains some absolutely crucial worldbuilding information, as it follows Cynthia of Maubreche post-The Sacred Hunt (and it's good!). Of course, it being a Michelle West novella, it raises as many questions for the master plot as it answers, but.

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I am really looking forward to the print-on-demand collection; I have the stories in their original anthologies, but for the most part they're the only reason I keep those anthologies around. Trading in six books for one = way more shelf space!

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