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Having just finished House Name (link goes to non-fan-aimed review at my journal), I have a lot of Thoughts About Meralonne.

I think it was [personal profile] inkstone that suggested that Meralonne is whatever the Kialli were before they made the choice to follow Allasakar into the Hells, and I think, in broad outlines, I'd agree with that statement. Certainly it's always been clear that he isn't mortal (particularly in his fight with the kin in…Sea of Sorrows?, where one of the kin calls him Illaraphaniel), and that was made infinitely more clear in this book. But the way Meralonne reflected, towards the end, about serving his Lord made me wonder, just who did Meralonne serve?

My first thought, admittedly, was Arianne, but that immediately didn't seem to fit with what Meralonne was thinking about being sundered from his Lord in time and space. I think I have two hypotheses, one of which I think is more reasonable and one of which I think is more awesome: basically, either Meralonne served one of the gods who left, which is the more reasonable idea, or he served Mystery, which is the more awesome idea.

It's the "time and space" comment that makes me think that Meralonne served one of the gods who swore to the Covenant, and I wonder, among them, just who he could have served. With the proviso that the gods aren't what they were, etc, I don't think he could have served Teos; haven't we seen him with Teos, Between? Or am I misremembering that scene? Thoughts? Bueller?

But I like the idea that Meralonne served Mystery much better. It would, judging from Isladar's thoughts at the end of the book, give Meralonne's persistent enmity for the kin a more pointed edge, and would also give a certain extra dash of ironic pain to his relationship with Evayne.

Also, speaking of Evayne: I had no idea that she was born, chronologically, so much later than Jewel. I know at one point she had coins from as late as 428 on her, which I wonder might have been her birth year, or the year that she left her town? Because her ex-soldier friend was clearly either fleeing the first Southern war, the one The Kallakar nearly died in, or the one in The Sun Sword, right?

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I have been being driven crazy by Meralonne for ages, and I think you just gave me an explanation I can definitely work with!

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either Meralonne served one of the gods who left, which is the more reasonable idea, or he served Mystery, which is the more awesome idea.

I think Meralonne as servant of Mystery is INCREDIBLY INTERESTING, and might explain some of the edge to his relationship with Evayne. Er, perhaps over explain: time traveler + prickly mage + personal betrayal (? I need to reread these!) = edgy relationship.

I legit loled when I read this subject, btw. SO TRUE. Oh, Meralonne.

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