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My longer review is here, but the short version is, I thought this was one of the best of all the books so far. 

I also have a question for those who've read Cast in Silence and Cast in Chaos - in the scene where Nightshade kisses Kaylin, and then she flinches, I was very strongly getting the impression that Kaylin had survived some sort of sexual abuse in Barren. I don't remember having that impression as I was reading the fifth book, however. Did anyone else find themselves thinking the same thing? Does anyone have any sort of evidence for that from Cast in Silence? At this point I'm sort of rationalizing it by the "Kaylin and Jewel are similar" principle, which is dissatisfying.

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I actually did get the impression in Cast in Silence, in one of the later scenes with Barren. I'd have to find the book to find the actual reference for you, but I think it was vaguely alluded to. It was pretty subtle, though, so it might be something left to the interpretation of the reader.

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