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So I bought Cast in Chaos the week before I moved across the country to grad school in August and I still haven't read more than the sample chapter. Um, yeah.

But other people have been reading!

[personal profile] oyceter recently posted this review of the first two books of The Sun Sword; and [personal profile] boundbooks has almost reached the end of the series.

I have to admit, as much as I liked The Hidden City and City of Night, they didn't quite hit the heights of Hunter's Death or The Sun Sword for me. I have high hopes for House Name, though, and for the books after that…

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It's interesting to read how different everyone reacts to these books so thank you for the links!

Like you, I have high hopes for House Name. I trudged through Jewel's backstory but I'm excited about returning to the timeline at the end of Sun Sword.

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